Client Testimonies

Nancy V., October 2013

Timba, Spyboy and Quiser

Sharon is, simply, incredible. She's prompt, reliable, and flexible enough to give all her clients incredible peace of mind.  As a former veterinarian assistant, she is savvy about remedies for everything from diarrhea to pinkeye, and often suggested I take a vet trip when I hadn't realized anything was amiss.  All three dogs adore her experience and grew up much more social and sweet than they would have been without the day care and boarding experience.  Without her in my life, I would not be as happy and peaceful because I wouldn't have the resources to be a responsible pet owner. For all of the above reasons and others, I recommend her as the ultimate pet sitter and more. For more information, please contact me anytime to hear additional stories about Sharon Gerson, pet goddess extraordinaire!

Erin D., August 2014

Vito & Kaya

Sharon and her staff are absolutely, hands-down, the BEST! Whenever we arrive, Vito and Kaya literally drag me in to the resort just to get to Sharon and start their play time there. Better yet is that Sharon really understands how to keep them engaged and having WELL as safe and under control. This means that when I walk out, I know that my "babies" are having a great time and are safe and sound until I pick them up. Thank you, Sharon and team, for taking such very good care of Vito and Kaya all these years!!!

Dan M, January 2012


I have had the pleasure of utilizing Sharon's pet sitting, daycare, and boarding services many times.  I currently travel every week on business, and Sharon has provided the most consistently outstanding service I have ever experienced.  Her veterinary experience gives me peace of mind that she will be able to spot symptoms of disease or injury immediately, and I trust her to take whatever action she deems appropriate.  She is committed to her customers and always takes the extra steps needed to ensure our satisfaction.  In all of my years managing veterinary hospitals, Sharon stands out as the most conscientious, reliable and service-oriented individual I have had the pleasure to work with.  Through her work ethic and commitment to her business, Sharon has created a reputation in our community that is unrivaled.  I can't imagine trusting my pet to anyone else.  

Judy and Suz, January 2014

Wow sums it up.  My husband and I were so impressed with K9 Camp & Resort, and our dogs were at ease and comfortable right away.  We used to go to another place for daycare and boarding, then we found this place.  CLEAN & FRESH smelling is the first thing you notice.  Then you notice that there are no small dogs cowering in the corner amongst the big dogs....because the smaller ones have their own indoor play area and the big dogs have their own area to play.  Nice !!  Lots of space with appealing touches throughout.  We were so happy to see that the outdoor area was not filled with dirt or wood chips....or poop.  Lots of room to run and play with the other dogs.  The owner has a veterinary background which puts our mind at ease at well.  

Our dogs are Happy Happy Happy.  Thank you to the owner and staff of K9 Camp & Resort, you are the greatest - and most professional.   

Rick, September 2013


If you're like me and believe your dog is one of your "kids" then you'd want only the best of care, the safest environment, and the most loving atmosphere available at times when you can't be there...or you want to add a little socialization into your baby's life.  K-9 Camp & Resort is the place to take your dog! There are rooms for little dogs, rooms for big dogs, rooms for dogs who want a little "alone" time, rooms and time for dogs who want a cuddle. There are doggie couches, doggie houses, a fenced play yard, and toys. Did someone say toys? You should see all the toys! But, most of all you should see and get to know Sharon (the alpha "dog"), who owns this wonderfully creative establishment.  The only thing greater than the variety of things to keep anyone's pet happy is the capacity of Sharon's heart. She's devoted to all the dogs in her care 100% of the time. You can feel confident that your little one will be safe, receive supervised play, and have a grand old time while he or she is there. K-9 Camp and resort offers other pet related services, too, so I've found it's worth talking with Sharon about these.  I've also learned Sharon has had years experience as a veterinary technician which certainly is another plus in my book.  Sharon and K-9 Camp & Resort are the only viable choices in pet care in my book!